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Markets Served

Vincent A. DiIorio, Inc. has broad experience in all aspects of electrical engineering and systems design. However, we have particular expertise in a range of market segments which require specialized skills and design experience.


The work environment is continually evolving, and it is important for employers to offer spaces that accommodate advances in technology, company growth, and trends that encourage employee productivity and retention. We recognize that electrical systems play a vital role in supporting an adaptable, comfortable, and efficient workplace.

We have provided electrical solutions for millions of square feet of building assessments, tenant improvements, build-outs, renovations, and new construction projects for commercial applications. Our in-depth experience gives us the ability to creatively design systems for our clients’ current and future needs, while our proactive consulting approach delivers accurate and cost-effective solutions.


Hospitals and health facilities are among the most complex structures to build, and the systems to support them require specialized knowledge and expertise. Our portfolio encompasses multiple healthcare projects. Whether it is varying codes, working within existing conditions, or accommodating the specific needs of hospital staff, Vincent A. DiIorio, Inc. understands and meets the unique challenges of healthcare design, construction and operation.

We recognize the impact every design decision we make has on patient care, facilities, and cost. We take care of the facility the way healthcare providers care for their patients, by employing an engineering strategy focused on meeting the specific needs of the facility’s patients and staff.


Vincent A. DiIorio, Inc. has provided electrical engineering and design services for a wide variety of life science research and production facilities. We design the systems not only for the core and shell of facilities, but also for mission-critical internal systems to provide a safe and healthy work environment.


When it comes to designing residential buildings, we have a wide breadth of experience. We’ve worked in urban and rural areas, high-rises and mid-rises, and specialty housing, such as green housing and low-income housing. We work with architects and general contractors to create a space that satisfies codes while creating a safe, comfortable environment for residents.

We also understand the unique challenges of designing for LEED and Green Building certifications. Because their criteria differ from project to project, it is important for a firm to possess a comprehensive knowledge of the sustainability requirements to design the right systems and deliver a successful project.


It’s game time! We have extensive experience in designing both indoor and outdoor lighting systems for recreational and athletic facilities. Our work extends from professional stadium lighting to local Little League fields, and from collegiate level athletic venues to neighborhood fitness clubs. We successfully balance the needs for dependable, performance-level visibility with the demand for cost effective and energy efficient systems.


Electrical systems design plays an integral role in optimizing the comfort, privacy, and safety of residents in senior living communities. Having provided electrical engineering services for numerous senior living facilities, Vincent A. DiIorio, Inc. possesses the knowledge of modern living standards and regulatory requirements to design efficient and sustainable systems for these developments.

Whether the facility incorporates memory care, assisted living, skilled nursing, or single occupancy spaces, our engineers understand the importance of designing systems that accommodate the needs of the various programs and functions specific to each environment. We have the expertise required to deliver engineering solutions that address life safety, specialized care services, controllability, and life safety systems.


We understand that colleges and universities, as well as private and public schools, require flexible spaces to accommodate a variety of needs. We possess the expertise to successfully design electrical systems to meet and exceed the various program spaces found in educational buildings. We also are well-versed in the requirements for building K-12 facilities in the private and public sectors. We have expertise in many different types of buildings, including residence halls, dining facilities, classrooms, theaters, science labs, and athletic venues. 


Government-funded projects possess a unique set of challenges, ranging from interrupted or prolonged project schedules to complex standards and processes. Vincent A. DiIorio, Inc. has a track record of consistency and continuity to deliver engineering and design services over the long term. We can handle any changes that come up, and manage deadlines accordingly. We understand distinctive standards, processes, and requirements of government agencies, to provide cost-effective and appropriate designs to fulfill each project’s specific needs.


Whether it is a chain restaurant with preset standards, a high-end restaurant in a downtown setting, or a beachfront resort hotel, we can design and engineer a reliable electrical supply for any type of hospitality space. Additionally, our knowledge of nationwide codes and standards allows us to accommodate specific local requirements.

Successful restaurant design is dependent on a combination of functionality and ambience. We are experts in designing systems that effectively provide the proper electrical coordination and tie-ins for kitchen equipment, as well as lighting systems that enhance the dining experience for guests.

Hotels are very much like a city unto themselves, with multiple system requirements in guest areas and support services. Vincent A. DiIorio, Inc.’s team of engineers designs optimized systems to produce comfortable and adaptable environments and safety standards of each hotel.

We also incorporate the latest in green technology, making facilities environmentally friendly while still maintaining their integrity. We have experience collaborating with all internal teams on projects and accommodating the different needs and desires of demanding clients.


Vincent A. DiIorio, Inc. consults with clients of mission critical facilities to determine each building’s needs in terms of reliability, flexibility, security, and speed. Our team of experts then designs economical and energy-saving systems that fulfill our clients’ requirements so their facilities remain operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Furthermore, as technology increases or changes occur within a facility, we provide continued consultation to maintain operational efficiencies and functionality.